As far as I am concerned

I will have to adapt my webpage because so much has happened for me personally in the last years. First of all, I will put my emphasis on my photography. This hobby has been an important part of my life in the last years and I will put more focus on this activity in the following years. My photography has found a new place and can be admired here:

Besides I want to present my pages on „school“ because they contain interesting and important information for students at German schools. I used to write school books for a German publishing company which develop learning material. My part was to work out solutions of the standard tests in English which are called WET (Written English Test). The books help students to prepare for their final examination in English. A lot of my material was not published so I can present it on my webpage for further studies.


  • 1954 born in Berlin.
  • School and studies in Freiburg with the first exam at Teachers Training College.
  • Moved to Heilbronn
  • 2nd exam at  Teachers Training College in Ludwigsburg.
  • Since February 1980 teacher at the „Realschule Möckmühl“ with the subjects Art, English and since1990 Computer Science („Information Technology“).
  • Since Easter 1982 we have been living in Widdern.
  • Several courses for adult education in  watercolour painting and technology (but please don’t ask me if Art goes with computer science or vice versa)
  • Since1993 administrator of the network of our school and administration
  • Author of „Klettverlag“ and „Stark“ writing books for school children on Art (architecture) and English (preparation material for the final exam).
  • Retired since August 2017
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