In den Lösungen  sind die Anfügungen mit „by“ (by-agent) in Klammern gestellt, weil sie je nach  Aussage des Passivsatzes nicht unbedingt nötig  sind.


Die by-agents sind  im Passivsatz Objekte.

The homework was done (by Liz) yesterday.

Her brother was helped with his homework  (by Liz).

He has often been helped (by her).

A reward will be given her (by him) later  / She will be given a reward (by him) later.

Lots of coins have been collected for her  by Tom.

A test is going to be written (by the  class) in the next English lesson.

He was given a prize for the best test (by  his teacher). / A prize was given him for the best test (by his teacher).

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